Inspire life-long learning & spark artistic creativity
Make each moment memorable at Peter & Jane Taman Sea!

It’s no wonder Peter & Jane children love coming to school.

Inspire life-long learning & spark artistic creativity
Make each moment memorable at Peter & Jane Taman Sea!

It’s no wonder Peter & Jane children love coming to school.


(2.5 – 4 Years Old)
Students in a classroom in Peter & Jane kindergarten in Taman Sea

Our children work regularly through the use of didactic learning materials. Coupled with thematic projects such as Little Scientist, Roleplay, Waterplay and Nature walks, the engaging Montessori apparatus allows for never-ending fun while learning!

The curriculum also emphasises the Living Values Education Programme by UNICEF where we strive to provide a safe environment to cultivate honesty and curiosity, to help our children feel valued, respected and understood while enhancing academic and emotional development. This comprehensive value education programme enables children to explore various universal moral values that define their character.


(4 - 6 Years Old)
Children learning at Peter & Jane kindergarten in Taman Sea

Discover the Bilingual & Trilingual thematic learning in our K1 and K2 curriculum! Learning experiences hold more meaning to children when they immerse in a rich learning environment full of sounds, sights and consistent exposure to the languages (English, Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia).

Our kindergarten programme focuses on the child’s formal mastery of the 3Rs – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Even at this stage, our classrooms continue to utilise Montessori apparatus, supplemented by other appropriate teaching materials to reinforce mathematical and language concepts.

This is to equip the children with the necessary capabilities for a smooth transition into primary school. The programme remains child-centred throughout the teacher-oriented lessons.


Half Day: 8.30am – 12.30pm

Extended Day (Tues, Wed, Fri): 8.30am – 3pm

EXPLORE the spacious centre!

Immerse your children in rich experiences & build confidence through exploratory learning with thematic projects and hands-on activities.

LEARN at every corner!

With didactic materials available and a spacious environment, rest assured your child is able to make every moment a learning experience.

GROW in a secure environment!

Our loving teachers are here to care for and guide the children. Their experience with Peter and Jane kindergarten allows them to provide the children a safe space to flourish!

Peter & Jane kindergarten in Taman Sea

Peter & Jane kindergarten
Is All About Amazing Ways to Learn!

Trilingual Exposure

Consistent exposure to the languages (English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia) makes the learning experience more meaningful to children.

Thematic Learning

Focused learning by using different themes each term leads to a learning environment rich with sound, sight and touch.

Language Programme

A curated programme with an interactive syllabus developed by a Taiwanese professor to enhance language skills and language understanding.

Innovative Programmes

Children learn from interactive syllabus for their emotional and intellectual development through Musikgarten and Mandarin language programme.

Moulding Personalities

Children are encouraged to explore their full potential and all their interests, as well as respect each other as individuals.

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